RAZER Book 13 Review

In this article, I give you my Razer Book 13 review with specs included. This is actually not a gaming laptop. This is one of Razer’s first productivity-oriented laptops.

There’s a lot of Razer Blade Stealth 13 DNA in here but there’s no dedicated GPU. Why pay for something you’re not going to use, right?

This is for those who really just want a laptop for productivity and better battery life. The charger is small and the display quality is pretty nice too.

So, clearly, this is a good-looking piece of hardware. We have the CNC anodized aluminum chassis and the mercury white finish.

The build quality is excellent on this and the lines are really clean too. I mean, it holds its own against the MacBook Pro which is an obvious competitor to this as well as the Dell XPS 13 and it looks good on just about anything.

Though it might not be a tiny gaming laptop, performance is still important. It’s not just about good looks.

Razer Book 13 is equipped with Intel 11th generation 4 core ultrabook CPUs. You can get it with the Core i5 or Core i7 and Intel Iris Xe graphics. And, it has vapor chamber cooling which you might almost think is overkill but then it’s Intel so, it’s understandable. They tend to run hot.

Razer Book 13 performs in the range where you would expect against its peers but it’s at the top of the pack. I believe that would be totally due to the cooling. Even when running benchmarks not in high-performance mode using the Razer Synapse software it scores very well.

By the way, that performance mode is there. It didn’t make a huge difference in benchmarks and day-to-day use but you’ve got it if you need it.

Another nice thing is this is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio 13.4-inch display. You might think this sounds like the XPS 13. In fact, we’ve gotten similar panels being used here from Sharp (SHARP the manufacturer).

Razer Book 13 has Full HD matte, Full HD touch (which is what I have), and a 4K display option. The 4K option is the most expensive and has short battery life.

This Full HD touch panel is gorgeous and it is in fact just pretty much identical looking to the XPS 13 with the same panel on board. It’s 1920 by 1200 resolution. It’s a little bit taller thanks to the aspect ratio.

The reflectance is really well controlled on this and the color calibration (these are color calibrated from the factory) is definitely better than the XPS 13 which is your typical a little too blue a little too green from the factory. None of the calibrations that were built in with the XPS were as close to being spot-on as this.

The contrast ratio is very high and this thing is very bright. We’re talking around the 550 knit area. So, you can see this pretty much in any sort of lighting.

Razer Book 13 might not be a gaming laptop but it does have Razer Chroma perky RGB backlighting. So, you can either go with a staid chill color if you like or you can program every key to have a different color. And, there’s spectrum cycling, lighting effects, and all that sort of thing if you want to do that. And, you can control that with the Razer Synapse software that’s on board.

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Razer Book 13
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