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We looked at NZXT’s N7 Z490 motherboard for Intel CPUs a few months ago. We found the board to be reasonably priced ($229.99(opens in new tab)) and packed with features, making it a strong alternative in the sub-$250 category.

In collaboration with ASRock, NZXT unveiled the N7 B550, its first board supporting AMD CPUs, in response to popular demand. This board resembles its Intel-based predecessor in design, with the typical flat metal shrouds covering the vast bulk of the RGB-free board, an aesthetic that combines nicely with the company’s H Series cases, such as the H710i. NZXT’s first attempt is squarely aimed at our best B550 motherboard list.

Here’s something a little different. Many current-generation motherboards use a predominantly black look with splashes of RGB branding and logos. White-themed motherboards do exist, although they are few. NZXT’s boards, on the other hand, stand out, especially in their all-white attire.

NZXT may not have the name awareness of the major motherboard manufacturers, but it has manufactured boards for the last few Intel generations. The N7 B550, on the other hand, is the company’s first AMD motherboard.

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard 2

It’s also not a cheap knockoff. This is one of the most feature-rich B550 motherboards (opens in new tab), and it truly outperforms many X570 boards. Should you consider one of the big four?

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard Packaging & Design

Let’s start our NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard review with the board’s package and contents.

We received the black-colored NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard, which appeared to be rather tidy and stylish. It arrived in a plain white container with an image of the board on the front.

NZXT ensured that the motherboard was safe and secured on the inside. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any problems that may occur during transit.

NZXT’s kit, like those of other board partners, includes a couple of extras to get you started on your build. There are four SATA cables, a Wi-Fi antenna, two M.2 screws, and a user handbook for reference.

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard 3

The design of the NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard is excellent, with its matte black finish and the highly veiled appearance of the N7 Z490.

Some people may see the character of these shrouds as split or polarizing. Hotspots such as VRM and chipset heatsinks have a circular layout to give more surface area. However, the appearance is mostly for cosmetic purposes.

The board’s looks are really rather impressive, due to its robust cover and matte black motif. We like how the cover is robust and provides solidity to the N7 B550.

If you’re looking for built-in RGBs, the NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard doesn’t have any. Regardless, it features a 4-pin RGB header, a 3-pin aRGB header, and two 4-pin NZXT RGB headers. There are several connection points, particularly for lighting, with them.

The NZXT CAM software administers RGB controls at the corporation. It works with a variety of ecosystems, making it extremely easy for users.

There are several connections that are closely located on the board’s edge, just like in the old NZXT designs. This design pattern is ideal for more efficient and simple cable management.

Outside of the fan and power connections, the board is highly covered, so there’s not much to see. Two EPS power plugs are located on the top section, above the left VRM bank. This is the 8-pin (mandatory) and 4-pin (optional) power line for your CPU.

The first two (of seven) 4-pin fan headers are located in the same place, but to its right. There are two more in the upper right corner.

All of these headers handle up to 2A/24W output, which is sufficient for most pump and fan configurations. There are x2 4-pin NZXT RGB connectors between the fan headers for controlling compatible NZXT devices.

The four DRAM slots that don’t employ reinforcements are immediately below these. For Vermeer-based CPUs, the N7 B550 supports up to 126GB of RAM running at DDR-4 4,666+ (OC) speeds.

You can see the 24-pin ATX connector on the motherboard’s far right side through its steel shrouds. In addition, a front panel USB 3.2 2nd generation type-C header is required for powering the motherboard.

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard 4

The board of the NZXT N7 B550 is powered by a 12+2 (+2) phase power supply system. Here, power is supplied to the Intersil ISL-6617A phase doublers before moving on to a Renesas RAA-229004 (6+2) controller. It will then proceed to the 50A Vishay Si-C632A Dr MOSFETs.

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard Specifications

ChipsetAMD Socket AM4 Ryzen™ Processors
DIMM SlotsDIMM Slots: 4
Max Memory SupportMax Memory: 128GB
WirelessWiFi 6E connectivity
AMD Socket AM4 Ryzen™ Processors (3000, 4000, and 5000 Series Processors)Supported
AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G and Ryzen™ 3200GNot Supported
DIMM Slots4, DDR4 only
Memory ArchitectureDual-Channel
Base Frequency3200/ 2933/ 2667/ 2400/ 2133
TypeECC & non-ECC, un-buffered memory
XMP SupportSupported
AUDIORealtek®:ALC1220 CodecChannels:8-Channel High Definition AudioPlayback:32-bit / 192kHz DACCapacitors:Nichicon Fine Gold Series
WIRELESSIntel® Dual-Band Wireless:AX210 Wi-Fi 6EProtocol:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/axFrequency Bands:2.4 / 5 / 6GHzMU-MIMO Support:SupportedBluetooth:V5.2

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard Conclusion

The first AMD motherboard from NZXT is a wonderful start, but that is hardly shocking. Is it worth the extra expense compared to even X570 motherboards from the likes of ASUS and MSI? ASRock has decades of motherboard construction knowledge, and when teamed with some fantastic designs from NZXT, you’ve got one awesome foundation for an AMD-powered PC. Depends, really.

The NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard motherboard is incredibly pricey for one that uses AMD’s B550 chipset. A B550 board with reasonable functionality may be found for roughly $100, or even less if you really want to cut corners. But if you think this motherboard is the best choice for your PC setup, the extra expense is definitely worth it.

Better cable management is a result of the header arrangement. Like the more costly X570 motherboards, it contains a second 4-pin CPU ATX input for severe overclocking, however its usefulness is debatable. The aluminum shroud is a wonderful way to conceal all the PCB components while yet allowing for customization and modification.

NZXT N7 B550 B55XT W1 Motherboard 5

Additionally, it has a reliable BIOS and is capable of handling a Ryzen 9 5950X with a lot of RAM running at 4,000 MHz. There is plenty to enjoy here, but not all the news is positive. Since the M.2 covers are plastic rather than metal, your M.2 storage will not benefit from additional passive cooling. NZXT also made the decision to replace the numerical error codes with LED status LEDs.

However, the N7 B550 from NZXT is a good option if you’re looking for a B550 motherboard that pushes the AMD chipset to its absolute maximum. It’s unquestionably a candidate for a spot in our compilation of the greatest motherboards.

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