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Asus has put a lot of work into breaking into the PSU industry and has produced several excellent PSUs. Asus needed to establish a significant footprint since the tiny form factor industry is continually expanding. Three products in the Rog Loki SFX-L series each have a power output of between 750 and 1000W. The three variants are all quiet since they have all received certification from Cybernetics with Platinum efficiency ratings and LAMBDA-A and LAMBDA-A+ noise ratings.

The power supply unit (PSU) frequently receives less study and attention in the field of PC gaming and enthusiast builds. However, a high-quality PSU is the unsung hero that guarantees your gaming setup operates smoothly, effectively, and consistently.

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Enter ASUS’ newest Republic of Gamers (ROG) product, the ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply. This PSU promises to revolutionize the power supply market by providing performance in addition to a stylish and small form factor. We’ll examine ROG LOKI’s features, functionality, and overall value proposition in our in-depth review, showing why it should be a part of your gaming setup.

ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply Features

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The ROG LOKI has a remarkable 750W of power and Platinum efficiency, making it extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. With this rating, you can be confident that you’re utilizing your power efficiently and producing the least amount of heat and noise.

SFX-L Form Factor: The ROG LOKI’s small SFX-L form factor is one of its distinguishing qualities. It is smaller than an ATX power supply, measuring 125mm x 63.5mm x 130mm, making it perfect for small-form-factor (SFF) designs or cases with limited space.

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Silent Wing Fan: ASUS has included a high-end 120mm Silent Wing fan from Be Quiet! to the ROG LOKI. This fan is made to produce as little noise as possible while yet delivering effective cooling, ensuring that your gaming sessions are uninterrupted.

The ROG LOKI has a fully modular design that enables you to connect just the wires you want. This results in a cleaner and more organized construction since it not only minimizes cable clutter but also makes installation easier.

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ROG Aesthetics: With a bold ROG logo on the side and a classy black finish, ASUS has blended ROG branding and aesthetics into the ROG LOKI. This makes sure that the PSU blends in with the rest of your gaming setup with a ROG theme.

ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply Performance

The ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply operates admirably under load, which is the ultimate test for any power supply. Throughout the course of our thorough testing, the PSU reliably provided steady and clean power to our gaming setup. The ROG LOKI maintained our system operating without any glitches or voltage changes, whether we were playing taxing AAA games or performing resource-intensive chores like video editing.

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The Platinum efficiency rating is one of the outstanding elements that made this excellent performance possible. It makes sure the PSU runs as efficiently as possible, minimizing energy loss and heat production. This lowers your power bill and increases the longevity of the parts within your PC.

A special mention should be made of the Silent Wing fan. The fan ran silently even while it was working hard, ensuring a calm gaming atmosphere. Its high quality and innovative design can be seen in its ability to control temperature effectively while being almost silent.

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The steadiness of the ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply is another outstanding feature. Throughout our tests, the power output stayed constant, which is essential for the durability and dependability of your gaming system. A further layer of security for your components is provided by the several protective methods included in this PSU, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and short-circuit protection.

Cable management is significantly streamlined by ROG LOKI’s totally modular architecture. The braided cables that came with the PSU were of a good caliber, which we liked. They produced a neat and well-organized interior in addition to having a quality appearance. They were also simple to route and connect.

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The ROG LOKI was simple to set up and use. Its small size made it simple to put into our SFF box, and the entirely modular architecture allowed us to connect only the wires that were absolutely essential, so minimizing clutter.

A 24-pin ATX cable extender was included, which turned out to be a considerate addition, especially for people who have bigger cases or unusual wire routing needs. The expansion simplified cable management even further.

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For gamers with ROG-themed setups, the ROG logo and aesthetics were a welcome addition. The lighted ROG logo and sleek black finish gave our rig a touch of class.

The quiet Wing fan held up to its name, remaining practically quiet over lengthy gaming sessions. This not only made gaming more pleasurable, but it also demonstrated how carefully the PSU was designed.

Ample PCIe ports and SATA/Molex cables make a variety of components, including various graphics cards and storage devices, compatible. For gamers and video makers who want a flexible power source, this flexibility is essential.

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ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply Specifications

ModelROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum
Efficiency Rating80 PLUS Platinum
Form FactorSFX-L (Small Form Factor)
Dimensions (L x W x H)125mm x 63.5mm x 130mm
Wattage750 Watts
Fan Type120mm Silent Wing Fan (be quiet!)
ModularityFully Modular
Cable TypeBraided Cables
ATX Cable ExtensionIncluded
Connectors– 1 x 24-pin ATX<br>- 2 x 8-pin CPU<br>- 4 x PCIe (6+2-pin)<br>- 8 x SATA<br>- 6 x Molex (4-pin)
Protection Mechanisms– Overcurrent Protection<br>- Overvoltage Protection<br>- Short-Circuit Protection
ROG AestheticsROG Logo and Sleek Black Finish
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)100,000 hours
Warranty5 years

ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply Conclusion

In conclusion, ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply represents a revolution in the power supply industry. Its exceptional performance, efficiency, and tiny form factor make it the perfect choice for small-form-factor constructions and confined places. Its status as a top option for gamers and enthusiasts is further cemented by the addition of a Silent Wing fan, a completely modular design, and ROG aesthetics.

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Budget-conscious shoppers may be turned off by the ROG LOKI’s high price, but its superb build quality and features make up for it. By purchasing this power supply, you are ensuring the dependability and endurance of your gaming setup.

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ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W Platinum Power Supply: Pros and Cons


  1. Efficiency: Being a Platinum-rated power supply, the ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W offers high efficiency, ensuring minimal energy wastage and lower electricity bills.
  2. Compact Size: The SFX-L form factor makes it suitable for smaller cases, perfect for compact gaming setups or systems with limited space.
  3. ROG Branding: ASUS’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) branding signifies quality and performance, appealing to gamers and enthusiasts looking for reliable hardware.
  4. Modularity: Modular cables allow for better cable management, reducing clutter inside the PC case and improving airflow, which can contribute to better system cooling and overall performance.
  5. Stability and Reliability: ASUS is known for producing high-quality components, and the ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W is likely to maintain stable power delivery under heavy loads, ensuring system reliability.
  6. Quiet Operation: With efficient design and possibly premium components, the power supply might operate quietly, contributing to a quieter overall system.
  7. Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection: Built-in protections such as overcurrent and overvoltage protection help safeguard your PC components from potential damage due to power fluctuations or faults.
  8. Aesthetics: The sleek design and possibly RGB lighting elements may add a touch of style to your build, especially if you’re going for a themed gaming setup.
  9. Warranty: ASUS typically offers a warranty with its products, providing peace of mind and support in case of any issues.
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  1. Price: Higher efficiency and premium features often come with a higher price tag, potentially making the ROG LOKI SFX-L 750W more expensive compared to non-Platinum-rated or less-known brands.
  2. Limited Availability: Being a specialized product with a specific form factor and brand, availability might be limited, making it harder to find or potentially leading to longer waiting times.
  3. Compatibility: While the SFX-L form factor is versatile, it might not fit in all cases, especially smaller ones designed for standard SFX or ATX power supplies. Ensure compatibility with your case before purchasing.
  4. Power Overkill for Some Builds: A 750W power supply might be overkill for some gaming setups, especially those with lower-powered components. Opting for a lower wattage might save money without sacrificing performance.
  5. Lack of RGB Control: Although some users might appreciate the aesthetics, others may find the RGB lighting unnecessary or wish for more control options, such as customizable lighting effects or synchronization with other components.
  6. Possible Cable Length Issues: While modular cables aid in cable management, they might also come with limitations in terms of length, potentially causing difficulties in larger cases or specific cable routing scenarios.
  7. Brand Loyalty vs. Value: While ASUS is a reputable brand, some users might prioritize value over brand loyalty and find similar features at a lower price point from other manufacturers.
  8. Limited Fan Control: Depending on the design, the power supply might have limited fan control options, potentially leading to louder operation under heavy loads or in warmer environments.
  9. Noisy Fans: While efficient design often translates to quieter operation, some users might find the included fans noisy under certain conditions, especially if they prioritize a near-silent PC.
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It’s important to consider these pros and cons based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget before making a purchasing decision.

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