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Both in Sony’s portfolio as in the lineup of other over-the-ear headphones, the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 is one of the more affordable models. And although though its price is lower than those of many earbuds, it nevertheless offers remarkably high performance.

The Sony Black MDR-ZX110 over-ear headphones might just be among the best on the market thanks to its active noise-canceling capabilities, powerful bass, and exceptionally sturdy wires. Check out our evaluation of the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones if you want to compare them to another pair of over-ear headphones. But bear in mind that the MDR ZX110 is not wireless, in contrast to marginally more expensive devices like the Mpow 059.

Sony Black MDR-ZX110 Build Quality

Plastic makes up the complete Sony Black MDR-ZX110. They are extremely light because of this. MDRZ X110 is only 4.23 oz in weight. I didn’t feel like I was wearing them, but after 2-2.5 hours, I started to feel a little uncomfortable.

Plastic-made sliders and hinges provide a creaking sound. As a result, you must use them carefully or risk having them break. The high-quality, thick, and very sturdy 3.5 mm cable is one aspect of the MDRZX110’s construction that I find appealing.

It is an angular 3.5 mm audio jack. I hardly ever come across cheap headphones with a cable this strong. These inexpensive over-ear headphones from Sony are foldable, which is another positive feature. Folding headphones are compact and simple to carry.

Sony Black MDR ZX110 2

The ear cup design of the Sony MDRZX110 effectively isolates outside noise thanks to its 30 mm driver.

Sony aimed to lower the cost of manufacturing the MDRZX110 on-ear headphones because they are inexpensive headphones. Comfort is impacted by this cost-cutting. The earcups’ cushioning is not very thick.

Wearing them for extended periods of time is uncomfortable. I wore them again after taking a break after using them nonstop for two hours. The cushioning on the headband is the same.

You will not receive any padding on the headband. Since the Sony MDR ZX110 are lightweight, wearing them is not a punishment, but the lack of head padding and reduced ear padding made them uncomfortable for extended listening periods. However, 2 hours of continuous use is perfectly acceptable.

They are lightweight because to the plastic body, but that doesn’t imply they look subpar. White headphones are stylish.

Sony Black MDR-ZX110 General Features

Closed TypeYes
Cord Length3.94 ft
Cord typeY-Shape
Driver Unit1.18 in dynamic – Dome type
Dynamic TypeYes
Frequency Response12–22,000Hz
Impedance (Ohm)24 ohm (1KHz)
PlugL-shaped stereo mini
Sensitivities (dB/mW)98 dB/mW
Wearing StyleOver-ear Headband
Weight4.23 oz

Sony Black MDR-ZX110 Sound Quality

Sony Black MDR ZX110 3

Cheap headphones don’t always equate to bad audio. Although the Sony MDR-ZX110 is only $10, the sound quality is at least four times more expensive.

Lower frequencies receive a slight boost, giving the music more warmth. The bass blends well with most genres, and the kick is fairly tight.

For the price, Sony headphones provide good control and accurately reproduce the notes of the bass guitar. even with harder songs like Marillion’s “Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury.”

However, if you like music with a lot of double pedal action, you might find these headphones a little bit slow.

Modern genres that emphasize deep bass could sound a little flat because the expansion into sub-bass isn’t particularly noteworthy.

While the upper area is slightly raised, the lower mids is fairly balanced. Vocals nevertheless seem genuine, rich, and sibilance-free. The vocal texture and minute details are the only things that are absent.

In general, the playing of the instruments is quite good. You could have trouble identifying individual instruments on busier tunes with a lot of instrumentation.

Higher registers have a good extension and are, once more, fairly balanced. The texture of cymbals is respectable, which is advantageous if you enjoy jazz music.

Unfortunately, the treble tends to get lost in the mix as soon as the song gets chaotic.

Sony Black MDR-ZX110 Performance

Sony Black MDR ZX110 4

The Sony MDR-ZX110 offers you a bass-focused audio experience with a wide frequency response of 12 to 22000 kHz, which will make listening to music enjoyable for many people out there. You get a lot for a very low price, and they come in three distinct types with noise cancellation and mic options. 

The MDR ZX110 lacks wireless capability, in contrast to the Sony WH-1000XM3. However, the wires are really not that much of a tradeoff when you consider that the cables, which called Flat-Y Cables, don’t tangle easily and also have a rougher more durable texture. If you’re looking for a pair of cheap wireless headphones, the Mpow 059 and the Cowin E7 are two possibilities to take into account.

While the Sony MDR-sound ZX110’s quality isn’t necessarily worse, it does have a tendency to be more boomy and bass-boosted with a darker treble and high-end sounds. Although this is a negative, the Sony MDR ZX110 is still one of the best options among the ZX series headphones if you prefer to listen to bass-focused music and pay less attention to high-end sounds. The SMS audio sync 50 wireless Bluetooth headphones, on the other hand, appear to be a great pair of cans that can compete with Sony, according to our review.

Last but not least, the MDR ZX110 has 30 mm drivers that, thanks to the active noise cancellation technology, don’t leak much sound and maintain the quiet in your office or library. You won’t need to replace the noise-canceling battery as frequently, and when you do, it won’t be a big issue because the headphones have a AAA battery that lasts for 87.9 hours.

Sony Black MDR-ZX110 Conclusion

Sony Black MDR ZX110 5

The Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161-K and the Mpow 059 both have quite sturdy designs, but the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 offers you superb sound quality with a strong emphasis on bass packed into a frame with strong wires and a rather comfortable ear cushion. And as a result, the Sony MDR ZX110 should be your first choice because it costs almost as little as $7 and will do if you only have a few dollars to spare and need a headset to get by during your commute or you need one immediately.

Are Sony Black MDR-ZX110 good?

The reasonably priced Sony Black MDR-ZX110 on-ear headphones have a surprisingly rich and well-balanced sound quality, with a little increase in the bass and mid-range. They are also travel-friendly and foldable in form, but they don’t include noise isolation or inbuilt controls. The comfort level is not particularly great, and the construction quality is low-grade and plastic-like. They are appropriate for light listening, but not for loud or demanding settings.

The over-ear, reasonably priced Sony Black MDR-ZX110 have garnered positive reviews due to its reasonable price and respectable sound quality. They are appropriate for daily usage because they are lightweight and made for casual listening. The following are some salient features of the Sony MDR-ZX110:

Affordability: People searching for a low-cost solution frequently choose these headphones because of their reputation for being quite affordable.

Design: The headphones are lightweight and basic in design, making them easy to wear for lengthy periods of time.

Audio Quality: Most people agree that the audio quality is acceptable for the price, even though it is not audiophile-caliber. They offer a well-balanced sound profile that is appropriate for everyday use.

Portability: They are more portable because of their foldable shape, which makes them simple to carry and store.

Build Quality: Although the build quality of this entry-level model isn’t as strong as that of higher-end models, it’s still sturdy enough for daily use.

It’s vital to remember that inexpensive headphones lack sophisticated capabilities like wireless connectivity and noise cancellation. The Sony Black MDR-ZX110 can be a good option if you’re searching for straightforward, reasonably priced headphones that you can wear every day and don’t require sophisticated capabilities. However, you might want to look into other possibilities in a higher price range if you need additional features or better audio fidelity.

Is Sony Black MDR-ZX110 Still worth it in 2024?

To ascertain whether the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 is still a worthwhile purchase in 2024, it is advisable to peruse the most recent evaluations and user comments available on reliable retail websites. In addition, search for any more recent models or substitutes that could provide superior features or upgrades at a comparable cost.

Remember that the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 is a low-cost, entry-level headphone model. Consider looking into alternative possibilities in a similar price range or buying a higher-end model if you’re searching for additional features, greater audio quality, or the newest technology.

In order to make an informed decision based on the state of the market and the available products, always look for the most recent information and user reviews.

Depending on your spending limit and tastes. 2024 will still see the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 in stores, with prices varying by seller and location from $14.991 to $2,499 in 2024. Although they are among Sony’s least expensive on-ear headphones, they do have certain shortcomings, including poor build quality, inadequate noise isolation, and a lack of inline controls. They could be worthwhile for you if you’re searching for an easy-to-use, reasonably-priced set of headphones for everyday use. However, you might want to think about alternative solutions if you want additional features, comfort, and durability. 

How long does the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 last?

The Sony Black MDR-ZX110’s longevity and durability may differ depending on use habits, maintenance, and construction quality. However, factors such as general construction quality, frequency and intensity of use, and maintenance practices all affect how long headphones last. Budget-friendly and entry-level headphones can not last as long as more expensive models.

If you’re worried about how long the headphones will last, you might also want to look at other models in the same price range that have good ratings and a solid reputation for durability.

How you use and care for the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 will determine how long they last. After about a year of consistent usage, some web search results state that the headphones’ plastic components may shred or break. While some consumers said their headphones lasted longer than that, others had problems sooner. Over time, there is also a chance of wear and tear on the wire and the earpads. Thus, it’s best to treat the headphones carefully and put them away in a secure location while not in use.

What does Sony MDR in Sony Black MDR-ZX110 stand for?

Some web search results claim that the Micro Dynamic Receiver trademark is what the MDR prefix on Sony headphones represents. The dynamic range, or the ratio between a sound’s lowest and highest levels, is what this abbreviation stands for. The DR in MDR, however, could also stand for Digital Reference, according to some sources, indicating that the headphones are compatible with digital audio sources. Depending on the type and market for the headphones, the meaning of the MDR prefix can change. 

In Sony’s audio equipment lineup, “MDR” stands for “Micro Dynamic Receiver.” This is a line of headphones made by Sony. The model names of different Sony headphones frequently include the MDR prefix. The name “Micro Dynamic Receiver” refers to the audio delivery technology utilized in these headphones.

Consequently, in the instance of the Sony Black MDR-ZX110, the “MDR” designates that the device belongs to the Micro Dynamic Receiver series from Sony, and the “ZX110” designates the particular model in that series. While each model may have its own special features and specs, Sony’s headphone nomenclature consistently includes the MDR trademark.

Does Sony Black MDR-ZX110 have a mic?

Yes, there is a microphone integrated into the headphone cord of the Sony Black MDR-ZX110. The MDR-ZX110AP model, which incorporates an in-line remote and microphone for hands-free calls, is the only one that can utilize this feature. There is no remote or microphone on the MDR-ZX110 model.

You can ask me another question or click on the links I gave to learn more about the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 headphones.

No, there isn’t an inbuilt microphone on the Sony Black MDR-ZX110 headphones. These headphones don’t have a built-in microphone for making calls; instead, they are made for basic audio listening. If you need headphones with a microphone, you might want to look at alternative products whose specifications specifically state that they have one.

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