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Toshiba Portege X20W-D Reviewand now for something really exciting. This one is a sleeper. Well in part because we had it sitting here for six weeks. Sorry Toshiba we had so many things in the queue to review. And a lot of people in Sochi but doesn’t even make laptops or sell them in the United States anymore.

Other than maybe the business market. Well they do. And this was available on Microsoft Store website and in their stores -. Starting at $11.99 which is nice biggest Toshiba’s laptops also used to be very expensive. The ones they were still selling in the United States because they were corporate oriented.

And much better even than Toshiba z22 and one the separate one that in review. There was a cult classic among tablet PC users but not so much anybody else. This one has full Intel Core i5 and i7 cpus. And spice effects incredibly thin at fifteen point four millimeters and light.

Two point four pounds which is one point zero eight kilograms. And that’s well in LG grande territory. And this one is a 360 degree two in one. So permanently attached the two halves. Matte display wakame S Pen in the box. And institution reporting J X xx W 50 in order to look at it now.

So the Toshiba poorni J X xx WD is one piece of lovely lightweight magnesium alloy laptop convertible. Does the usual tint presentation mode tablet mode all that sort of things. It feels pretty stiff and pretty rigid considering the fact that it weighs around that magic kilogram weight.

There’s a little bit you know if you push in here you can feel the way magnesium alloy does. There isn’t the days of the classic Sony Vaio’s a little bit of give. But nothing disheartening. In fact nothing about this says treat it very carefully to me.

Besides the fact that it’s so light you can flip it around all day and have fun with it. It has a Thunderbolt 3 port on the side / USBC Gen 2 does both of us. And yes it’s for Elaine’s Thunderbolt 3 which is pretty amazing and something this small.

In fact it has a little daughter card that just seems to handle the Thunderbolt features. We’ll see that when we take it apart. Other than that it is super thin it is super light. Unlike these z22 and one where as a keyboard bass could have a lot of ports because of the Bray’s are all in the upper section.

This one has to do everything but the brains just in the basic is not separable. We have a USB typical a 3.0 port right here. We have a headphone jack you got a Kensington lock slot that’s about it. So USB C docks Thunderbolt docks so sheba sells a thunderbolt dock to have a wide gig dock you can use other brands as well.

If you need more ports you’re obviously going to need something like that. Which can add on something around 250 bucks if you do the thunderbolt solution USBC multi port adapters are a lot cheaper. Now in the Box Toshiba feels it. They know that since you’re charging through that USB C / Thunderbolt 3 port if you want to use any kind of USBC adapter you might have to plug it into power.

So in the Box you have this HDMI USBC adapter and there’s pass-through charging here. So you’re not completely out of luck and there are other USBC hubs that can do that there just make sure you get one the handles charging.

Full Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU inside core i5 – 7200 year core i7 – 7500 users also the 7600 you if you want. All have Intel HD 620 integrated graphics. And single fan design thus exhaust out of here. Now they have your little warning spot.

This is where the CPU is under here and this is could get hot warning. Now rarely does it actually get hot. The fans you might expect this to be a noisy bugger because it’s so thin enough Sol KB Lake seventh-generation to a core 15 watt CPU there no indecorum.

You know the first couple advantage after I got it setting up Windows updates installing so I heard the fan a lot. It’s audible I mean it’s not a large fan so it’s not going to fill the room with noise. But it’s audible. But after doing that setup I really didn’t hear it again not when playing casual games not when using Photoshop with a fairly complex image.

So I wouldn’t worry too much for the fan noise but you might hear it the first couple of days. And likewise the heat manageable on this. Which is really an engineering accomplishment. When you compare this with something like surface pro 4 which can sometimes be a backhand clearing and very hot on the back this is just impressive stuff.

And that’s how this competes with. The long products like the Dell X be a 13-2 in ones which typically costs a lot more money. The nature switch series as well. And yeah there’s a few out there. Some of them are separable too in ones but not too many are like this.

Lenovo yoga 720 a little bit but that’s a 13.3 inch this is a 12.5 inch model. So Microsoft Store has two configurations. They have a core i5 with eight gigs of ram and a 256 gig SSD for $11.99. Over $14.99 there’s the core i7 with 16 gigs of ram and a 512 gig SSD.

It uses low powered ddr3 RAM and pcie nvme ssds. But they are the pcie SSD is actually soldered on board that’s how they make it so small. You’ll see the insides of this and it’s a very compact motherboard. So upgradable after the fact not so much.

The display is 19 by 1920 by 1080 and 12.5 inches. Is an IPS display with a matte coating on. That’s not bad it doesn’t make it look really ugly or grainy it’s an IPS display. Again it supports pen the included Wacom a EES pen and touch as well.

It has both an IR camera for Windows hello login and a figment scanner that’s embedded you need top corner of the track them. That’s the synaptic stripe and it’s pretty good. You’ve got usual synaptic software customizations available.

I think I notice the finger tracking seems set to be a little bit slow out of the box but you can change that. The keyboard is backlit. It’s an excellent keyboard really it has nice tactile feel and good damping. But typical at Sochi but they go with small keys and big key spacing.

So you’ve got plenty of space between the keys with the keys caps themselves are on the small side. So if you have big hands with fat fingers this might not be the laptop for you. But I found it really enjoyable to touch but I have long skinny fingers. Until 80 265 8 C Wi-Fi is standard with Bluetooth 4.2 on this.

And we have a 44 watt-hour battery inside. This a 3-cell battery. And every see the internals you know that pretty much the entire internal are taken up by a bad battery. Now so shiba claims are crazy 13 hours of battery life. Alright that’s optimistic yes.

If you if you said brighten it down to 0 music to absolutely nothing you might hit that. But really it does manage about eight hours of light to moderate use. That doesn’t mean playing League of Legends or killing it an adobe premiere for hours on end.

But these couple of Photoshop image edits the usual Word Excel online database updates that sort of stuff. Streaming video which is easy for Intel seven generation cpus to handle. Yeah that’s that’s pretty good so you really could go all day away from the AC outlet.

Comes with a USB C charger that compact 45 watt charger. And I tried a bunch of other USB C chargers I had sitting around for laptops they all work just fine – it’s not picky. So display metrics are good to look at. It looks kind of reminds me of some typical business misplay which is say it looks very confident it’s quite bright at three hundred and thirteen it’s.

It didn’t stand out as a super awesome display other than the fact it’s matte. No reflections thank you very much you can use it outdoors you can use it in bright lighting. But the metrics actually are pretty good. You can see all of them on-screen.

They’re the color representation in terms of gamut is good 78% of Adobe RGB in fact is a few percentage points above the thousand-dollar and up class right there. Nice brightness great black levels -. Pretty good display and even the Delta II isn’t that bad – cool which most laptops are out of the gate but calibration fixes them.

So if you’re going to pick this up and use this for art in your cools wakame es which offers at least 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity. No tilt does have palm rejection. It’s out of it doesn’t ask certainly. It’s not bad to draw. Not as great as walking EMR but okay what can you do.

Very very few laptops come with locking EMR technology anymore. For you artists for note-taking great stuff lovely works niacin. So this is a pen that it comes with. With Toshiba calls their true pant. And this is a little cap for your pointer right here and you can put it on the back end so you don’t lose it.

To button right there again it’s wakame EES so any other walk and aps pen will also work in. It uses a quadruple a battery you unscrew this just grab like so and keep on screwing it and you can get to the quadruple a battery that you have to replace probably like once a year is also.

No biggie there. And there’s the control panel that’s pre-installed for Wacom steel drivers you can control a variety of things. Including them pen pressure and them what the buttons do on global basis radial menu you get the idea all that sort of stuff.

Well this might have the horsepower to tackle any task that you would put at a high-end ultrabook with a Core i5 or i7 CPU the audio can’t quite keep up. And that’s because the thing is so darn small. Yes it has stereo Harman Kardon speakers and DTS audio here.

And you can see our little control panel you got some EQ and that sort of thing. But the speakers have no bass really and the. At least the highs are pretty clear I give it that but overall it’s just a complete lack of bass in with this bass boost feature turned on.

But that’s the respect that were showing this teeny tiny. So that we’ve removed the bottom cover. And keep in mind that the Philips head screws are nice easy and simple but there are two different lengths. So keep track of them so you put them back in the right places anyway.

Just unscrew it this pops off no annoying clips nothing like that. Battery comprises most everything which is typical of today’s ultrabooks. 44 watt hour battery right there. Here’s our fan here’s our CPU. This is the socketed Wi-Fi card.

Now the random manner looks like the PCIe nvme SSD must be soldered on board. I mean having the RAM sauron’s non usual. The SSD last common. But obviously there is no m2 slot anywhere on this motherboard.

This battery takes up too much space on the form underneath that for them the motherboard ends right here we’ve got the two little sections going right here. Is not in the room even underneath so it has to be so don’t know so there it is get it with the amount of storage that you want.

So that’s the Toshiba port in J X xx w SD not the most exciting name granted. But certainly not a Mickey Mouse laptop get it yeah. Core i5 i7 cts up to 16 gigs of ram fast PCI-E nvme ssds am at full HD display that’s pretty decent a walk of Amyas pen in the Box.

A nice price it’s so thin it’s so light you can take it anywhere. Magnesium alloy casing. You know if you’re like something like service probably think oh my goodness people delegate to me or some of the other very thin and light laptops. This one not so much this is like yeah I’ll take this anywhere not worry about.

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