HP ZBook Firefly G8 14″ Review

In this article, I give you my HP ZBook Firefly G8 14″ review with specs included. There is also a 15-inch if that’s your thing. So, the generation 8 version has pretty much the same casing as the last generation but we have Intel Tiger Lake U-series CPUs inside with optional V-pro as well and video Quadro T500 graphics.

That’s not going to turn you into a Blender jockey overnight it’s more for 2D work or that sort of thing. But, this is still classified as a mobile workstation despite the ultrabook look and feel to it which is a very premium one and I’m still a sucker for that deco c they use.

So, of course, HP has a whole line of Z-book mobile workstations, I reviewed quite a few of those. So, if you want more powerful ones there’s the ZBook Fury, the ZBook Power, all that sort of thing.

This is the ultrabook kind of model that’s more for your engineering managers who need to carry it around and look at designs approve them or maybe even sales folks who are showing off those designs or just for those of you who need more than a basic ultrabook offers.

Here we have a little bit more graphics power, more RAM than you’d normally be able to get. Also, some really nice displays like the dream color display which is the top offering, and was that’s what I have. If you know HP and you know dream color that’s a very nice wide gamut matte IPS display that is great for professional content creators.

Now, it’s not a cheap machine because, again, this is a business laptop, probably mostly bought by IT folks in bulk. It starts around $1535 but mine is closer to $2600. It can cost more when you get it configured with Core i7 with V-pro on board, the dream color display, 32 GB of RAM, and the Nvidia T500. So, not an easy spend but again it’s a business product.

When I say this is a mobile workstation that’s sort of a mobile workstation and more for the managers that’s because it has an Intel 11th generation Tiger Lake U-series CPUs which are ultrabook CPUs, quad-core 28-watts maximum.

So, it’s not going to be something with an eight-core CPU, for example, in terms of mobile workstations for those really who are doing a lot of the design and hard work here.

Still, there’s a place for this and even if you’re not in primarily the CAD business. If you’re doing a lot of Photoshop, a little bit of Premiere, the kind of person who drives your typical ultrabook to the brink, this is still worth a look.

It handles demanding workloads fairly well for an ultrabook. The CPU performance doesn’t drop too much over time. Usually with thermal constraints that becomes an issue.

The Nvidia Quadro T500 card has 4 GB of GDDR6 VRAM on board. It’s sort of equivalent in the consumer space to the Nvidia MX450 but it’s clocked higher. And of course, it has the Quadro certification and drivers compatibility for folks who are doing creative kinds of tasks on board.

The RAM story is also interesting here. Most ultrabooks top out at 16 GB of RAM, only sometimes at 32. So, this one goes 32 GB at max if you get it with the Nvidia graphics and up to 64 GB max if you go with just Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics.

Why is that? Because the dedicated GPU takes some space on the motherboard there’s no more room for RAM slots so they solder it on board.

So you could buy it with 16 or 32 gigs soldered if you get the one with the Nvidia graphics. If you go for the Iris Xe there are actually two RAM slots, which is why 64 GB would be the maximum. And, it’s DDR4 3200 megahertz RAM. So, better than the average ultrabook.

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HP ZBook Firefly G8 14″
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