HP ZBook Studio G7 (2021) Review

In this article, I give you my HP ZBook Studio G7 (2021) review with specs included. It’s a 15-inch mobile workstation that is thin, light, and attractive which you don’t get to say a whole lot about mobile workstations typically.

There’s also a Creator model in addition to the Studio model and the difference is the Creator has GeForce graphics from Nvidia this one has Nvidia Quadro graphics otherwise they’re pretty much the same. It’s just to keep it kind of cute with the naming conventions that actually do make sense.

Next, there’s also a ZBook Fury which is thicker, heavier, and more expandable. Lastly, the lightest one is the Firefly. Pretty cool set of names there that actually kind of mean something.

This stylish little ZBook with the deco style Z on the cover is really very impressive in terms of the power that you get for the weight. It weighs 3.84 pounds (which is 1.74 kilograms). It is 17.5 millimeters thick so it’s also considerably smaller than the last generation.

HP ZBook Studio G7 (2021) is 22% smaller than the previous G6 model. It’s also considerably lighter and the bezels have gotten smaller too. There’s still some bezel on the bottom and I would expect in the future we might see 16 by 10 aspect ratio displays but this is 16 by 9, your typical conventional display aspect ratio.

There are four different display options available. There’s the Dream Color latest generation and the name really is true. It’s a beautiful wide gamut IPS technology display which unfortunately I don’t have this time. But, it’s always among my favorites for creator-oriented displays for those who need full Adobe RGB coverage.

There’s also a 4K OLED touch option which is HDR 500. The Dream Color is 400 nits the OLED is 500 nits. Then there is a straight Full HD one-watt panel, low power consumption 400 nits.

And then there’s the HP privacy screen option which is a thousand nits. It’s not like a thousand nits in your face, it’s there to create the privacy effect and I have that one. That one’s Full HD as well. Other than the OLED display, these are matte non-touch panels on board.

The chassis on this is CNC aluminum and it’s a natural satin finish with no paint. So, no paint to scratch off, that’s the good part. It’s fairly durable. It’s nice and rigidly built and the contrasting silvery sides that it has kind of reminds me a little bit of that Spectre look.

It’s a nice look and for a mobile workstation, this looks a lot more stylish than most of them. So, those who look at a Razor Blade Studio or an Advanced model and think that’s pretty the rest of them aren’t well, here at least there’s a little competition in the looks department. Different aesthetics certainly from a Razor but yeah.

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HP ZBook Studio G7 (2021)
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