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In this article, I give you my Wacom One Pen 13-Inch display review with specs included. This is the new Wacom one pen and display. Not to be confused with the one by Wacom which is a USB tablet that sits on your desk. Yes, they should be spanked for doing that that’s very confusing. Anyway, they haven’t made a 13-inch pen display in a while.

They’ve been getting bigger and bigger. And this one’s meant to be their affordable entry-level product is 399 so $400. And still not cheap Cheetos but a lot cheaper than most Wacom products. We’re gonna look at it now. So there is only one configuration and it is white on the back. It’s a plastic kind of casing.

Wacom One Pen 13 Inch display accessories
Wacom One Pen 13-Inch display pen and accessories

It’s pretty light really 2.2 pounds which is 1 kilogram. So unlike most pen monitors that are not something you’d bought and put on your lap or hold this one you actually could. It has built a little stand feed so you can prop it up on the table to a 19-degree angle.

So this is not a Cintiq it doesn’t have Cintiq in the name so that means it doesn’t use the Cintiq line of pens which now are up to 8,000 pressure levels. This one has 4096 pressure levels. Believe me that’s plenty enough. This is a different kind of digitizer from Cintiq.

wacom one g3 min
Wacom One Back Side

This is what we call or used to call the tablet PC kind of digitizer. Back in the days when tablet pcs all had walk-on eeehm or digitizer. So yes it’s a battery-free EMR which is electromagnetic magnetic resonance pen technology. So these days in the modern world we see this on the Samsung Notebook 9 series.

I wish we saw it on more laptops it really is the best pen technology that’s available for laptops and tablets and the windows world right now. It’s also the same technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10000 also on the note 9. So you actually have cross compatibility with pens there.

You can take your note pen and use it on this display. By the way, this supports Windows and Mac as always and it also supports Android uh-huh. Well, that gets a little interesting with the cable connection. So it has what I called the Hydra cable which we see with all these pen displays.

wacom one g5 min

They call it the X cable. So it has a little power adapter that plugs into it well your AC power and another USB c-style cable that plugs into the monitor. It’s a particularly long connector so you’ll find a regular USB C data cable actually won’t fit in there I tried several of them.

Anyway, you have to have it plugged into power. So how would you then go about taking the other two leads which are h2 your mind USBA and getting them plugged in to your android phone. Well, you do it using a USB see hub. So I used a USB see mini hub and I use it with the no 10 plus.

It works with other Android phones but there’s a kind of nice pin synergy there and Samsung does their Dex desktop mode to make it more interesting. And yes it actually works. So you have a portable pen monitor that’s high quality in terms of pen response that you can use with an Android phone fascinating.

wacom one g8 min
Nibs socket

No app required or anything like them. Anyway, 4096 pressure levels and 60 degrees of tilt supporter which is nice for shading. For those who are doing natural media style work. The line quality on this is excellent the response is excellent.

It uses the same Wacom app and control panel setup that you’re used to seeing with Cintiq s– and other walk-on products. So you can set pressure level sensitivity all that sort of stuff in app behavior for the single button that’s on the side.

wacom one g4 min

No two buttons here no eraser on the end but if you wanted to do alt it’s a sample and Photoshop for example you can do that or having to undo you got it. So as you can see diagonal line jitter is pretty much zero. That’s wonderful.

And when you look at say competing Windows tablet pcs or the Microsoft Surface line and all that sort of stuff whether it’s Wacom IES or entering technology usually there’s a lot of diagonal line jitter which translates into if you’re drawing slowly you might get lines that aren’t smooth.

None of that here this is an artist dream in that respect. You’ve got good pressure sensitivity. You can see I’ve used different photoshop pens to do a pasady or to do line size and all that works very well. Pretty smooth lines on curbs.

wacom one hand glove

I’d like to see a little bit smoother what’s not Cintiq level but hey it’s better than most products out there. So from a pure artist standpoint in terms of the brush and pen experience it’s excellent. Of course something that’s very affordable and portable they also intend this may be for people who want to do note-taking.

No probably a lot of you will get a surface or one of the many convertibles with pens that are available these days. But no taking photo editing or go that’s where it’s really nice. If you prefer anything directly on the image instead of using a USB tablet with that level of indirection which I’m I just couldn’t go back to doing that anymore. In terms of the monitor quality it could be better folks.

Wacom remote controller
Wacom remote controller

It’s not even up there with the Cintiq 16 in terms of brightness. They claimed 200 nits of brightness we measure that a hundred and ninety-one Mnet’s. They claimed a thousand to one contrast ratio we didn’t get that. But then and you do have adjustable contrast on this and I left it in the default 50% because that looked the most correct and natural to me.

I imagine if you raised it up well you can get it higher but maybe the expense of the image accuracy and quality. Anyway you can see the metrics on screen they’re okay they’re not great. Honestly for $400 I would have liked to have seen a little better.

Wacom Pen
Wacom Pen

This has an anti-glare film on top of the display. You really can’t see it and peel it off like you can with some budget pen monitors from XP pen and huion and all that really well applied. It’s not laminated either. So which none of the affordable Cintiq lines or you have to look at the Cintiq prosing it’s a laminated glass.

And there’s really no pen tip parallax here no pen tip offset that means. But if you look at it you can see the layers of the glass over the digitizer which in part that’s probably one of the reasons why despite it looks ok not really great though.

Wacom pen nibs
Wacom pen nibs

The resolution is full HD 1920 by 1080 which is fair for the price and for the size of the display. And this is a pen monitor folks. There’s no computer built-in, it is just an 8-inch display that supports a pen. One bad thing about that anti-glare film is it does scratch pretty easily.

I’ve already accidentally scratched it just by putting it facedown on what I thought was a clean table. This is an aged VA display which is similar to IPS in terms of technology. If you want to adjust the brightness and contrast by the way you’re going to use the on-screen Wacom app to do that.

Wacom One
Wacom One box

There are no hardware buttons for controlling that. The only thing you get here is a power button. The pen is included. It’s a lot like a Cintiq style pen or Intuos style but it’s very comfortable I have no complaints at all with the pen on the night there’s only one button on. It’s on the light side but some people actually prefer that.

I like a thicker pen I find it ergonomic but like I said you can use a variety this. By the way, this is not a touchscreen sorry at this price you don’t get a touch or a touch option even. Non touch some yeah. Since this is a budget product you don’t get the fancy pants well tampon holder style case that you get with the Cintiq.

Wacom wireless keyboard
Wacom wireless keyboard

But they are pretty clever. When you flip open the stand legs underneath one of them you’ll see three spare nibs and a nib puller built in pretty cool. So that’s the Wacom one it can display their most affordable and their most portable which is one of the nice things about it.

Wacom Keyboard keys
Wacom Keyboard keys

It’s very light it’s easy to take with you anywhere on like most big Wacom pen monitors you know. Depend behavior on this as always that’s the selling point with locking products. You might argue with their display quality on their more affordable products and other things but boy the pen tracks nicely on this.

And then you have the compatibility with a variety of other pen since this uses like I said the old kind tablet PC technology only. Of course it’s been updated over the years so this is the same technology that’s used on Samsung notebook nines in the samsung galaxy note.

Wacom One charger and connecting

Which is kind of interesting it means cross compound building with tens. Me if size wasn’t a consideration I’d still look at their Cintiq 16. You get the Cintiq pen with more pressure levels like I said a bigger screen on it and a better despite but of course that one does cost $250 more and is not something as easy to carry around is it.

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